31st Mar 2011, 4:51pm

Anna and Adrian's wedding day dawned wet and warm...one of those steamy tropical feeling days when you just don't know what the weather will do but you know it will do it without warning.  But the upside was because they had chosen Woodlands as their venue we knew we still had plenty of options for photos.  Their ceremony was under cover anyway so it really wasn't a big deal in the end.  

Yay for the white umbrellas :-)

Anna's grandad read one of my favourite readings about marriage and as well as reading it he spoke beautifully from the heart about marriage.  When they told me afterwards that he had recently lost his wife after a whole lot of years of marriage I was even more blown away.  A very cool guy and a cool way to acknowledge his wisdom on the subject...

A moment after the ceremony

So then we headed off for photos around the gardens when we got a break in the weather, and inside when we didn't.

I like the voyeur :-)

And we had some fun with this one...sort of American Gothic in the bedroom!

Before we headed down to the photobooth...provived by The Little Black Photo Booth company ...so much fun!

A gorgeous day with lots of laughing and love and a bit of rain...and then a bit more laughter.

Congratulations Anna and AJ!! Thanks for including us!



29th Mar 2011, 7:04pm

 Where to start to tell the story of this day?  I guess I have to mention the weather...it was pretty crazy rain in patches but then it was clear sometimes too.  No matter what the weather was doing Kyle and Teresa were laughing and smiling and so into each other it was like they hadn't really even noticed the rain.

And that dress!  Teresa's dress was created by the legendary Kate Dowman and it was really quite stunning...

Admiring looks all round...

Teresa and Kyle opted to see each other before the ceremony with a 'first look'.  This meant lots of time for photos and some fab locations!

Teresa asks Kyle 'So what do you think?'

This shot is Keri-Anne's...she repaid my shooting for her in January by shooting with me this weekend...and it was awesome to have her along!

So then we headed off to Cassells for the ceremony and the rain came down.  The carpark flooded, the basement flooded and the plans for Teresa's grand entrance had to be changed at the last minute.  

But Sue from Cassells was calm and efficient and everything that needed to happen happened and Teresa smiled and Kyle fought back tears.  And it was beautiful.  I always know there are going to be tears when I rock up and see Pam Bayes is the marriage celebrant...good tears of course!  She just has a knack for making emotional connections and allowing everyone present to be a part of the celebration.  I love her ceremonies :-)

One more (two really) of Teresa and Kyle at Hotel deBrett (LOVE this place!!!)...

More over on facebook, including a couple of cute photos of Kyle I just didn't have room for here :-)


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