Why Sarnia Park is one of our favourite wedding photography venues

 As photographers we love the versatility of Sarnia Park, and Bev and her team have recently given couples another option for their reception.  For smaller weddings (up to around 75 I believe but don't quote me!) you can now opt to have your reception in the ballroom.  Check out the pics from Catherine and Nigel's wedding...

Photographers get all excited about being able to get a different angle on things and the balcony is perfect for this of course.  And then there is the 'grand entrance' potential of the staircase!  More reasons to love Sarnia Park :-)



7:06pm 26th September 2011

Hi there,
These photos are STUNNING, just what I have been looking for in a reception venue. What room in Sarnia Park is this?

Thanks so much,

Nicola Inglis
7:57pm 26th September 2011

It is beautiful isn't it? I think they call it the ballroom, it's the main room just inside the entrance of the house, and it has a fabulous staircase for making dramatic entrances!

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