Rachel and Ben's wedding at Vilagrads

 When Ben first noticed Rachel she was in the year below him at school and she was the 'cute-girl-who-sits-in-front-of-C-block'.  Fast forward 9 years and here they are...

Doesn't Rachel look like a young Elizabeth Taylor?

Many of their friends had come home from their overseas travels to be at Rachel and Ben's wedding and I really like how Rachel and Ben included everyone in the ceremony by passing the wedding rings around to be blessed.  The rings (in their little bag) went right around everyone and then back to the front at the appropriate moment...very cool.

It was such a lovely, relaxed wedding with plenty of time to enjoy the moments.  I always seem to pick out favourites from the getting ready part of the day, I think it' because that's when I get to be completely photojournalistic in my approach and just document what is happening around me.  I love this one of the girls helping Rachel put her garter on...

and this one of Rachel arrivng for the ceremony...

and then a quiet moment from later in the day...

OK, one last one :-)

and as always there are a few more on Facebook.

Congratulations Rachel and Ben, thanks for having us be part of your beautiful day!




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