Darren and Candy's Auckland wedding

"This is true love - you think this happens every day?" -Westley in The Princess Bride

 The day began with preparations at Candy's place...I love photographing this part of the wedding day, I get to be a fly on the wall and just observe.  I love the details and the interactions...and the transformations.  Candy's friends kept commenting that they had ever seen her look like this before.  Candy laughed that she wasn't sure that was a compliment, but it was and she was absolutely stunning.

The weddng ceremony was held in the chapel at Kings School, a beautiful little church...

And then headed off on our whistlestop wedding photography tour of Auckland!  Huge thanks at this point have to go to my fabulous hubby, Stu for giving me a GPS for Christmas...I would have been quite literally lost without it on Saturday.  If you are like I was and still clinging to the idea that getting lost is somehow romantic...give it up already and get one!  I can't believe I didn't get one years ago!  Anyway...on with the story...

Westhaven Marina:

(the shot on the right was taken by the fab Kim Howells who was worked her pregnant butt off in the heat and was a fantastic second shooter!)

Different spot at the Marina:

How cute are these two?  Seriously cute.

And then on to Parnell where we had spotted this gorgeous building...

And then off to Alexandra Park for the reception where we could not have been looked after better...huge thanks to Darren and Candy and their bridal party for being so incredibly thoughtful all day and to the staff at Alexandra Park for just being fabulous (highly recommended venue BTW!).

Check out Facebook for a couple more pics I didn't have room for here :-)





Kim Howells
11:17pm 9th February 2011

Thank you. ;) I really appreciated being able to tag along. And thank you Darren and Candy, you are a beautiful couple inside and out, and it was an honour to share your day. LOVE your images Nicola, they are stunning.

11:59pm 9th February 2011

The photos look fabulous! :) Great work there, Nicola & Kim!

Sophia Cooper
12:55am 9th April 2014

Gorgeous photography! where is the entrance that you photographed in parnell?

8:34am 9th April 2014

The shop was called Acquisitions I think, or Alison's Acquisitions...I'm not sure if it's still there.

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