Woodlands wedding photos - Sarah and Francisco's wedding

Francisco and Sarah met at a dance and the story goes that it was Sarah who asked Fran to dance but he says as soon as they began to dance together it was as if everyone else in the room disappeared and there was only the two of them...it really was love at first sight like a scene from a movie.  You can kind of see it though can't you?

and this one I just love...

While we were off doing photos around the (gorgeous) grounds at Woodlands, the guests were trying their hand at laser skeet shooting...cue lots of jokes about South American crime syndicates and why the Chilean guests were such crack shots (Francisco's family is Chilean)

One more smoochy one...

and one of Fran's Aunt and Uncle (I hope I've got that right?) who performed a traditional Chilean dance about a chicken and a rooster finding true love (or whatever passes for true love in the chicken world lol)

Thanks so much for having us be a part of your wonderful day!!

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