The Blue Baths wedding expo in Rotorua

 I took the opportunity to exhibit this year at the Rotorua wedding expo and we made a weekend of it, taking the kids and staying in a motel where they could watch TV from bed (don't you love kid's definition of luxury?!).  The weather was pretty yuck but luckily I had cool people to hang with :-)  

Coolness discovery of the weekend would have to be Genghy's...I know everyone else discovered it years ago but somehow we never did get around to it until now (even the waitress was surprised we'd never been before!).  We had the best time and the kids ate till I was seriously worried they would pop.  Scuse the crummy iphone pic!

And then this morning I went off to the Blue Baths for the wedding expo and the rest of them went to the movies :-)

A good day was had by all...and huge thanks to everyone who braved the rain to come and check out the expo :-)




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