Emma and Craig's wedding at Kelliher Estate

 Emma and Craig travelled a long way to stand together on the lawn at Kelliher Estate for their wedding.  They literally travelled a bajillion miles from their home in the Bahamas (with their nearly two year old I might add!) but it's been quite a metaphorical journey too.

When they first met at a mutual friend's party Emma played it cool and pretended she wasn't interested in Craig at all.  Craig already had his tickets for his big OE, all bought and paid for but he knew Emma was worth the effort.  By all accounts he worked pretty hard to catch her attention.  The turning point came as Craig's departure date for London loomed and Emma had to make a decision...take a punt and go with him or play it safe?  You know how it ends right?  Emma bought herself a ticket to London and the rest is history :-)

Their day was all about family and friends, from the collection of family wedding photos in the entranceway to the Kelliher homestead (love this idea)...

To the hilarious speeches (seriously, I had cramp from laughing so hard)...

It was the most elegant, styley and relaxed day.  Kelliher Estate (new venue for me) was amazing with a lovely understated vibe combined with impeccably professional service.  And they have palm trees!  So this is a nod to the Bahamian side of things (although the weather is all Auckland lol)...

Congratulations and all the best!!



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