26th Jan 2011, 10:42pm

 Mmmm...total wedding eye candy :-)  

Who doesn't love a little bit of wedding inspiration blog goodness?

The grand-daddy of them all of course is Style Me Pretty but have you seen New Zealand's latest wedding inspiration blog Magnolia Rouge?

And my current fav from across the ditch has to be Polka Dot Bride.

Not quite a blog but full of cute ideas and DIY projects I love Martha Stewart Weddings...and my last fav is Green Wedding Shoes (love the name!)

What are your favs?

(just because it's nice to have pretty pictures with blog posts!)


25th Jan 2011, 11:13pm

 How cool was it that we got to do two Woodlands weddings, one after the other?

Well I thought it was pretty cool (because I <3 Woodlands anyway and because they were both such lovely couples).  The coolest thing was how different the two weddings were and this is my answer to people who say "Oh but you're basically doing the same thing every week...do you ever get bored?"  Seriously? Absolutely no way, because each wedding is 90% unique...even though they share the same basic DNA they are as unique as the people involved.

Sarah and Francisco chose a fabulously appropriate theme for Woodlands; everything flowed from the idea of an old fashioned country garden...

The favours on the plates for the guests are a Chilean tradition, purchased in Chile and carefully carried home in suitcases.  And the butterfly garden centrepieces were lovingly made by Sarah and her Mum and each one was different.

I loved the thoughtful touches like the order of service being printed on to fans...and here is their gorgeous nephew helping to hand out the fans of service to guests as they arrived...

And one last shot...the aisle flanked by hydrangeas and standard lavender bushes.  Because nothing says vintage country garden like hydrangeas and lavender, right?


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