Emily and Julian's Sarnia Park and Windy Ridge wedding

Julian is a chef (at Sarnia Park) and I think maybe it's because chefs are all about the nurturing and the looking after people (Gordon Ramsey aside!).  But maybe it's not chefs in general, maybe it's just this one!  Whatever it is I have to tell you Emily and Julian cut their wedding cake and GAVE RACH AND I THE FIRST PIECE...because we were about to leave and they didn't want us to miss out!  Julian made the cake of course so it would have been rude not to take that cake and enjoy every last delicious morsel (licking the container might have been going too far but what the heck).

So this is how Julian prepared for his wedding...

...in the kitchen with his best man, Sunni and MC, Carlos, making canapes for the guests...although it does look like he was supervising more than doing ;-)

Sarnia Park has played a big part in their love story so it was fantastic to be able to include it's special features in their photos. 

The rose garden...

the gazebo...

and of course those famous lamp posts...

Because they wanted all their friends who work at Sarnia Park to be able to enjoy their reception as guests Emily and Julian opted to have it at Windy Ridge. Ohaupo with the cutest details (and the most heartfelt speeches).  More on this to follow soon.

In the mean time you can see more pics on Facebook.



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