Keepin it fresh

Every year the Auckland region of NZIPP runs a seminar or workshop called Tonic (as in 'a Tonic for your business').  They always come up with something different and every year that I have gone I have got something out of it that has changed the way I work.

This year the day was split into four separate workshops covering posing models for fashion photography, posing for family groups, studio lighting and natural light/flash use.  The pics above are from the model shooting workshop with Fiona Quinn, which I have to say I found quite challenging...the 'rules' are a bit different from shooting regular people :-)  But at the same time it made me think much more carefully about things like hand position. 

To be honest it was hard to justify taking a whole day out from editing, album design and all the other jobs that waiting for me...but I'm glad I did.  It was also very cool to catch up with a few NZIPPers from the Waikato/BOP region that I hadn't seen for a while :-)



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