Wedding photos for your grandchildren?

This thread on the forum got me thinking some more about one of my fav topics...the historical value and the longevity of wedding photos.

How can we make the wedding images we take today interesting and relevant to the people who are (hopefully) viewing them in 50 years time?

I think it's a cool idea to include significant landmarks and places of interest, the fashions will change of course and at some point it's pretty much guaranteed you will wonder what you were thinking about something.  The cars will be interesting and the clutter in the background and all that stuff.

But more than anything else I reckon your kids and grandkids want to see that you were just like them...young and head over heels in love and full of hope for the future.  No matter what else changes, some things stay the same.

I have a photo somewhere (and I am embarrassed I can't find it easily enough to post here) of my grandparents standing proudly outside their first home...I see a lot of myself in the image and it's that connection between the generations that makes it so precious.

I think what will turn out to be the most 'historically interesting' stuff in wedding images will be the connections and the stories.



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