The Lea-Hunter family: relaxed family portraits in the studio

 I love asking people how they met so I asked Mary and Frank.  They have been married for 43 years and all of their history together started when Frank called the nursing home where Mary was studying.  But the funny bit of the story is that he was calling for someone else :-)  The someone else wasn't there of course and Mary was.  They got chatting and decided to meet for coffee and there you go!  It's kind of incredible the moments that change your life...they're not always the ones that seem big and important at the time.

I am so pleased Tanya was able to talk her parents into joining us at the studio, we were able to capture them all together...

and then they brought in their dogs too (because they are part of the family too, right?)

Love that sequence!  As always you can check out a few more on Facebook.




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