25th Sep 2010, 9:34pm

I've decided I'm going to try and tag a portfolio shoot on to the end of my regular studio sessions...so many times I have ideas buzzing around that I just need to shoot...or lighting setups I want to try (when I have time to fail!)...and while I'm there it's a perfect opportunity.  These sessions are free and I give 2 8x12 prints (or equivalent value) in exchange for a model release (you're welcome to purchase more if you wish).  And I'll be advertising these sessions on Facebook as they come up...so hop on over there and 'like' me to be first to hear about them.

When I posted my ad last week for two siblings to model for me at the hideous time of 6.45 I wasn't sure anyone would be keen.  I know how my kids are feeling by that time and trying to get them to pose for pics would not be a good idea! 

But Zanthe and Shelten were awesome...I had some quite specific goals from this session and they were brilliant at listening and following my (sometimes slightly vague!) instructions.  I asked them to bring their favourite outfits and something special to them, working on the theory that how we choose to dress when given no rules and the things we hold dearest express a deeper level of who we are.


And check out these dance moves!

Thank you so much Zanthe and Shelten, you are stars!


25th Sep 2010, 9:00pm

Usually when I go to the studio to do portraits I take a bus load of stuff; couches, my 'wooden' floor, you name it...but this time I decided I wanted to get back to basics.  Maybe it was all the discussion after the Iris Awards about the purity of photography or maybe it was the influence of Marti Freidlander and Diane Arbus whose work I've been looking at recently but I wanted to try to strip away all the other stuff and capture just what my subjects brought to the session. 

And I have to say, the Nyika's were the perfect subjects for this approach because they are so full to the brim with life and personality and enthusiasm...they really did 'bring it'...

Thanks so much guys, I had a blast!


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