Phillipa and Eric's wedding at Charlemagne Lodge, Te Puna

When Phillipa met Eric the very first thing she asked was whether he was into partner dancing and if he wasn't, would he be willing to give it a whirl?  Eric had to google partner dancing because he had no idea what it was.  But he decided that yes indeed, he was definitely willing to give it a whirl.  And so he did :-)

And clearly that was the answer Phillipa was looking for.

How gorgeous was the day yesterday?  Rach caught the beautiful afternoon light...

We were stoked to have the fabulous Amber de Reus (from Perspectives Photography) shooting with us yesterday too.  So you know there will be loads more gorgeous pictures to come!  I'm off to Christchurch this afternoon and will be back late Tuesday to edit more pics for your viewing pleasure :-)



Nikki Stone
3:36pm 26th July 2010

Lovely photos!! Great job at capturing the beautiful day and stunning couple!

All the best guys.
Nikki Stone

Phillipa Leseberg
7:27am 4th August 2010

I love the photos so far! I can't wait to see more!!
It's amazing to think you captured the dance shots as we were moving and dancing. It looks like we were posing!
Thank you for being so friendly and relaxed on our big day!

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