Emma and Matt's engagement session

Emma wanted to turn back, Matt made her keep going.  Emma thought the view from halfway up the mountain was fine but Matt convinced her she needed to go right to the top. Because in his pocket he had a big surprise...a ring that he had been checking on obsessively all the way up the mountain.  So Emma made it to the top and Matt got to bust out the ring and of course she said yes...

I met up with Emma and Matt last Thursday and we spent some time hanging out at Hamilton Lake.  They came this morning and chose their favs and said I could share :-)  Yay for sharing!

Matt is into sailing so we needed some 'water shots'...the mini sailing boats being there too was a happy coincidence :-)

And this one was Matt's favourite...I love the shape made by the tree and its reflection.

All the best guys, thanks for sharing your pics and story.  And for reminding me that it really is better to go right to the top of the mountain, because you never know what's waiting for you there!




1:36pm 5th July 2010

Luuuuurve that last one! Gorgeous!!

12:06am 14th July 2010

the last one would look good on a big giant canvas... love it!

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