25th Jul 2010, 7:20am

When Phillipa met Eric the very first thing she asked was whether he was into partner dancing and if he wasn't, would he be willing to give it a whirl?  Eric had to google partner dancing because he had no idea what it was.  But he decided that yes indeed, he was definitely willing to give it a whirl.  And so he did :-)

And clearly that was the answer Phillipa was looking for.

How gorgeous was the day yesterday?  Rach caught the beautiful afternoon light...

We were stoked to have the fabulous Amber de Reus (from Perspectives Photography) shooting with us yesterday too.  So you know there will be loads more gorgeous pictures to come!  I'm off to Christchurch this afternoon and will be back late Tuesday to edit more pics for your viewing pleasure :-)


23rd Jul 2010, 11:17am

I was dreading it actually...a couple whose wedding I shot back in 2007 recently made contact with me and said they had finally got organised and wanted to do an album.  I was really nervous to open those files because I didn't know if I would still be proud of the work I'd done.  Back in 2007 my best camera was the Nikon D200, it is now my backup and I know how much it struggles in low light.  And the wedding was in a dark church of course.  And my style has evolved and... anyway I was nervous.

But it's a little bit like looking back in time.  And while I can see technical faults and I can see the limitations of the gear and all that...it's really quite something to look through those images and remember the day.  It's almost as though distilling it all for 2.5 years makes the story clearer (although please don't everyone start waiting 2.5 years to organise your album!).

Which is all very reassuring for me because I often talk about timelessness and creating images and albums that stand up to the test of time.  Interestingly the images I most wanted to go back to the raw files and edit again from scratch were the ones where I had applied some funky processing that I've since gone off.  Note to self: simplicity really is king.

For the record, when they really do invent time travel I'm going straight to Simon and Garfunkel's 1981 Concert in Central Park.  In the meantime photos are are our best substitute, the only way we have to look back in time.  And I think that's pretty cool (maybe not as cool as Simon and Garfunkel in 1981 but pretty damn cool anyway!).

And also for the record...I am still proud of that wedding (and relieved to find that's the case) and I can't wait to show them their album :-)



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