NZIPP - what's in it for you?

If you're looking for a wedding photographer you might hear people talking about the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers.  And they might even tell you that you should choose a photographer who is a member.

So, why?  What's in it for you?  Well here's my two cents worth :-)


There is currently no qualification requirement for calling yourself a professional photographer.  There is no exam, no license required...anyone with the inclination can buy some gear, get a website and viola, they're competing for your hard-earned wedding dollar.  NZIPP is the only professional body that has a qualification standard that must be reached in order for a member to advertise their membership.  If you see "NZIPP Qualified Wedding Photographer" you know that person has been judged on a full wedding album from a single wedding and has demonstrated a high standard of composition, lighting control, creativity and technical expertise.  Many photographers are unsuccessful on their first attempt.  So this is a big deal!  Of course it doesn't mean that non-members are not good photographers, of course some of them are.  But you can trust that 'NZIPP qualified' means a photographer has been measured against a high standard.

Ongoing Improvement and Professional Development

The NZIPP places a huge emphasis on education and professional development.  The annual Iris Awards offer all NZ photographers the opportunity to show off their very best work.  It's no surprise that the best of the best are almost always NZIPP members.  What's in it for you is a photographer who cares about the latest developments in technique and technology.

Who's got your back?

NZIPPers look out for each other and each other's clients.  If one of us can't make it to a wedding through illness or injury the NZIPP community swings into action to do everything possible to ensure you have a suitable qualified photographer on the day.  Of course this isn't something we can guarantee but we do our very best (and in four years as regional secretary I know of this happening twice, and both times the wedding was photographed by another qualified member and everyone was happy).

Dispute Resolution

In the (very) rare case that something goes wrong the NZIPP will organise mediation between client and photographer to ensure a fair and equitable resolution.  This is in addition to your statutory rights of course.

So, what's in it for you?  More than anything it boils down to confidence in your decision and some valuable peace of mind.



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