Vendor shoutout...Wedding Flowers by Karen

I get to meet the coolest people doing what I do.  And of course some of them are the vendors so I thought I'd make it a semi regular blog feature to give a shoutout to some of my favs.

This is Karen, of Wedding Flowers by Karen

I often meet Karen's work at weddings but she's usually gone by the time I get there.  I always know when she did the flowers though because they are sitting packed in their plastic crates with a spray water bottle or two nearby to keep them fresh. 

So I don't necessarily see Karen in person very often but I hear a lot about her.  I remember one wedding late in the season last year, the day was blustery and cold and wet and of course the bride, Tanya, was worried.  But when Karen had arrived to deliver the flowers she'd also brought an armful of white umbrellas for the bridal party and the gentle reassurance that the day would be fine (even if the weather wasn't!).  I was really impressed by Karen's thoughtfulness. 

And of course her flowers always look beautiful...

Check out a few more pics of Karen's work over on Facebook (I'm trying to keep the page loading time reasonable on the blog)



6:37am 4th June 2010

Beautiful Wedding Flowers picture! Thanks for sharing, from:

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