Photos from Joanne and William's wedding at Sarnia Park

Joanne lived in Australia and William lived in New Zealand.  They met at a holiday camp in Australia and fell in love. And then William went home.  And this was the beginning (even though it kind of sounds like the end).  They developed this long distance relationship and some time later (I'm condensing this hugely) he made up his mind that he'd had enough of long distance and he was going to ask Joanne to marry him and steal her away to NZ.

Her friend Rachael helped him plan everything and so he arrived in Australia secretly and surprised Joanne on her lunchbreak with this beautifully romantic proposal. 

I just love the way these two are so appreciative of each other.  Joanne blew me away when she said that she thought the long distance part of their relationship had been really good because she sees how some people take each other for granted in a relationship and she would never do that to William because she knows how hard it is to live without him.

Joanne's Dad described his daughter as "beautiful inside and out" and I think that is a pretty awesome he is having a wee proud Dad moment...

While I love the gardens at Sarnia Park too, the building is just gorgeous and really a huge part of what makes it unique as a wedding venue.  Love the balcony for this shot...

meanwhile at ground level Rach was capturing this...

Thanks so much to Karyn Flett for her mad skills co-shooting! (and Karyn, I can't wait to see your shots, hurry hurry!)




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