26th Apr 2010, 10:24pm

Hmm?  It's true isn't it?

Any opinions about the new logo?


24th Apr 2010, 1:49pm

David Oliver is the kind of photographer I really admire; his wedding images (actually all of his images to be honest) are simple and emotional and beautiful.  He is the master of the decisive moment which he describes as the moment when emotion, expression and light come together.  Check out David's website and you'll see what I mean. 

And since it's always good to hear about other photographer's ways of thinking and working, and since Palmerston north isn't that far really I decided it was time for a road trip :-)  I was lucky enough to have Mike Hill and Kelly Comins to keep me awake on the drive (not to mention my apparently lousy taste in CDs!)

And the seminar was great...nice to catch up with some photographers from a different part of the country too.

We went next door to the seminar venue to All Saints where David stepped us through how he positions himself to get the best ceremony shots.  And the Vicar, John Hornblow (who is also Palmerston North's deputy Mayor) gave us a run down on wedding photography from the celebrant's point of view.

So with a fresh dose of inspiration I'm now looking forward to a busy 'personal work' season (rather than thinking of it as the wedding off-season). 


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