Photographs from Deidre and Steve's wedding at Woodlands

The sat there side by side on the sofa in my studio and Deidre told me how Steve had proposed to her on the beach at dawn on the morning of her birthday.  Birthdays are about new beginnings he reackoned.  And he had planned everything about the moment.  She says to me "He's so romantic really" (as if I could doubt that!) and Steve just grins and looks at her adoringly.

He does that a lot actually :-)

And then there was Indie, Deidre's granddaughter was almost stole the show as flowergirl...

This was very much a day about bringing two families together with everyone in the bridal party related to either Deidre or Steve one way or another (well I guess they're all related to both now!)  My favourite little touch was Deidre's know I'm all about the links with the past and all...her Mum was married in this veil in the early 50's and it had been stored away and kept safe for this day, I just love that!

Anyway, big congrats guys, I know you'll be very happy together as you continue your journey together :-)


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