Pageboy of the Year (his royal highness?)

I'm SO excited...I got a call last week from one of my brides from last year to say her son has won pageboy of the year in the B&G comp!!!

He was just delightful and I so enjoyed his company at their wedding last April.  He has so much character and I know he enriches Katrina and Terry's lives immensely (while being the cause of a few grey hairs I'm sure!).  Anyway I'm super excited for him to win this so I thought I'd celebrate by posting a few of my favourite pics of him in action...

Escorting Mum in to the autographs please!

One of his big jobs (probably the most important) was to hold the rings and hand them over at the right moment...

Which he did perfectly.  He also did a reading (at the tender age of 6) and then proceeded to take over from the celebrant and attempted to pronounce them husband and wife!

Hugs for Mum...

And back to work...

How does one greet the Pageboy of the Year?  Does he get to wear a sash?  Or a crown?  Hmmm, must ask :-)  Congrats Jay, you deserve it!




Jennifer JC
10:36pm 2nd March 2010

CUTE, and yay for him :D

9:15am 3rd March 2010

Congratulations Jay - you were awesome!!

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