Jaimee and Matt's wedding at Olive Tree Cottage in Tauranga

 Jaimee and Matt have travelled the world together and they recorded their journeys with a series of self portraits.  They'd stand with their backs to the scenery, hold the camera straight out in front and snap a 'selfie'.  This became such a signature thing that they decided to include their favourites as part of the table decorations at the reception.  As soon as they told me about their little tradition I already knew what my favourite shot was going to be from their wedding day, it had to be a self portrait right? :-)

Some more of my favs from the day...this one from Isaac (of Perspectives Photography) who very generously came along on his day off to second shoot with me, thanks Isaac!

I love that Matt looks like he's reading his planning sheet upside down :-)

Gorgeous Leo, the pageboy, just chillin' in the limo, completely oblivious to the stress around him...

And some gooey eyed gorgeousness from Jaimee and Matt...

One more for here and a couple more on Facebook...

Congrats guys, can't wait to show you the rest!



Kerin Thimbleby
2:39pm 12th March 2010

Awesome pics guys and what a special day we all had.. Thank you for including me.

Love always


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