Behind the scenes

I kinda love taking photos, making images, whatever you want to call it...I know that that should really go without saying...but I'm just saying it anyway :-)

And so when you ask how long you should leave for photos, you have to know that I'd happily photograph all day and all night and then again the next day (actually that kind of sounds like the average weekend in February so it's quite lucky that I do feel this way!).  And I have felt this way since I first laid my sticky little mitts on a camera and started saving my pocket money for film and processing and so I feel incredibly privileged, blessed even, to have worked with a bunch of photographers this season who feel the same way. 

I love working with other photographers because we each bring something unique and together we create something more than the sum of it's parts.  No matter what their level of experience, and these guys range from seasoned pros to first timers, they have put their heart and soul into the weddings we've photographed together.  And I'm just having a moment really and feeling very grateful and lucky!

So in the interests of celebrating these fantastic photographers (and having a laugh too) I made a couple of behind the scenes montages :-)

If you're a total stalker you might spot Jayne Mau, Karyn Flett and Isaac de Reus as well as regulars Pip, Rach and Shay.  Missing from this collection (and I'm not sure how that happened!) is Other Rach :-)

And while I was hunting for those pics I couldn't help but notice how many shots they had taken of me...mostly laying down :-)

just to prove I'm not always lounging around though...

Anyway, I'm just feeling kind of retrospective as autumn arrives and we get down to our last few weddings before winter.  It has been a fantastic season and I'm pretty blown away by the gorgeous couples I've met and the talented photographers I've worked with.  Bring on 2010/2011 I say!




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