Road Trip to the Mount

Does it count as a road trip if the journey is (theoretically) only an hour and a half?  Well we made sure it counted today by going the very looooong way round!  I love a good road definition of road trip is any journey where you drive to have a good time not to make good time (kind of a mis-quote from one of my fav movies, 'Cars').  The only rule is that you have to stop as many times as possible!

On one of our stops the kids clearly needed to let off some steam...

The main purpose of the trip (apart from having a good time) was to meet the family who won my portrait giveaway from the Home Show back in October.  We had talked on the phone and decided that any excuse for a trip to the beach is a good one and so some beach portraits were called for.

Miss Millie was the most fantastic model, encouraged by her equally fantastic parents she played and posed and played some more while I snapped away.  I am loving the pics...they are so beautifully Millie!

While I was taking these someone wandered past and was heard muttering that 'at least they could have brushed her hair if they were taking pictures'...we had a good laugh about people who feel compelled to comment!  Seriously much less relaxed and real would this image be if we had stopped to 'fix' her hair?  I love that Millie's hair is just like Millie at 6; beautiful and free and doing her thang! 




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