Penny and Ben's wedding at Narrows Landing

On the way to her very first day at her new job Penny spotted Ben waiting at the traffic lights and thought to herself that he looked nice.  It could have been just a passing thought, would have been just a passing thought in fact.  But when she walked into the new office there was the cute guy from the lights; Ben.  He says it took him about a week to really notice Penny and you know what it was?  She shouted the first round of drinks at the pub that Friday.  I love that part of the story!  Not just because beer is clearly the way to Ben's heart but because the shouting the first round thing is something I really get.  It shows a generosity of spirit that they both share and it's part of the reason they are so good together.

And so for a whole year they were the best kept secret, no one at work knew they were together!  And yesterday at the Narrows Landing, under a shady tree and surrounded by dear friends and family they were married.  I think the secret is well and truly out :-)

Penny and Ben opted not to have an official Bridal Party, Penny told me "There will be lots of people who are very important to us but they won't be dressed alike!".  And they were both supported by this team of wonderful and talented frends and family (many of whom had flown specially from the UK).

It was such a lovely, intimate wedding with lots of perfectly Ben and Penny in fact.  We loved being part of it!




Jen JC
10:58pm 27th January 2010

Ugh, Im so jealous, Ive been lusting after a D700 for a while now... I shall not embarrass myself by saying what I do actually use. But I DO have a 50mm 1.8 and man, arent they gorgeous... I often drool over the photos it produces.. I know I know, drooling is not ladylike :D I think I may have to come and raid your camera closet while you sleep. Now forget I just said that :D

Something to add to your FAQ page for people: Ideas on what to wear to portrait sessions. Why Llamas spit. And um.... ummm..... maybe the best time for photos (wedding and portrait) ... mmmm sunflare ;)

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