Idea to steal---featuring wedding pics of friends and rellies

One of the things I love about weddings is the way they link generations together.  And I just love the idea of using photos from guests own weddings as part of the setting for the current wedding.  It just makes that full circle thing so potent y'know?  There is something so beautifully timeless and nostalgic about old wedding photos.  I can't help myself, I love looking at people's old photos!  To me they are a constant reminder that while so many things change the really important things don't.

Gemma and Lester hung mounted prints from branches and dotted them around the room for their styly cocktail reception...

While Julie and Gareth cut out thousands of teeny tiny pics and sprinkled them along the table runners for their very classic black and white themed tables...

Two super cute ways to tie the generations together not to mention being great conversation starters!



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