Cassy and Russell's wedding at Katikati and Tauranga

As we arrived in Tauranga the rain was torrential, it was raining so hard I missed the turnoff to the Sebel and had to go over the bridge and loop back.  When we got to her room Cassy was looking pretty tense...she had certainly not bargained on quite so much 'liquid sunshine'!

But as heavy as the rain was (and it was crazy!) it cleared like magic during the limo ride to Katikati.

It seems so unfair that of all the things you can plan and organise for your wedding day the weather is the one thing that will not cooperate!  And while I won't lie and say I exactly get excited about the rain it doesn't scare me like it used to.  I know that it means we don't have to worry about harsh shadows and sweaty, shiny faces.  I know that it means lovely soft light and I know for sure that it means we will think outside the square and get cool pics no matter what!  I've shot enough wet weddings to know that they often end up being my favourites just because we do have to come up with something different.  Ok, maybe I do get a little bit excited about it! 

Russell had this picture in his mind of a photo with his girls (he's a dairy farmer)...we thought we had a break in the weather so the guys and I jumped in the car and took off to the cows.  Unfortunately the rain returned suddenly and we ended up sheltering in a shed.  Where I had to get a 'blokes in sheds' shot...

I love that in all the running from the rain and grabbing umbrellas etc Russell still has a firm grip on his beer :-)

On the way back to the Sebel for dinner we stopped at a cute building we'd spotted earlier in the day.  Yay for torrential rain that clears!

Congratulations Cassy and Russell!  Thanks for having us be part of your gorgeous day!




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