Another couple of FAQs---

How many images do you shoot? 

The short answer is 'a truckload'.  But realistically you can expect to end up with around 100 per hour of shooting.  I'm never sure whether this question is asked because people worry that they won't get enough or because they worry there'll be too many.  But no one has ever commented that they wish there were more. most times people wish there were a few less to make choosing easier!

This is a screen grab of the bridal party and couple pics from Cassy and Russell's recent wedding.  You can see we often include colour and B&W versions of pics and a smattering of other artistic effects as appropriate.  And that's 140 images just there.


How does 'Print Credit work?

The idea of print credit is to give you flexibility when choosing enlargements.  Everyone is different and wants different things so print credit aloows you to choose.  You might use a $500 print credit to buy a 16x24 stretched canvas or you might opt for several smaller, unframed prints.  Probably the most popular thing people do with it is add more pages to their album!


How fabulous are Queensberry albums really?

They really really are very fabulous.  If they were a car they might be a Mercedes SL 500, if they were shoes they would be Manolos.  If a Queensberry album was a house it might be this one and if Queensberry was a dress it would look something like this.  Queensberry are all about impeccable styling, handmade quality, individual touches, attention to detail...I could go on (and I will!)

I love that they are made in New Zealand by a New Zealand company who are world leaders.  I love that they know who I am when I ring up and that they will ring me just to check details before going ahead with the printing.  And I love that the one time I had a problem (that was my fault BTW) they fixed it within two days and got the album straight back to me and the repair was invisible.

But mostly it is just that emotional reaction when you see something the SL500 or that Givenchy know fabulous when you see it :-)



9:34am 5th February 2010

Very kind words Nicola - thank you :)

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