Another FAQ---how I got started

How long have you been going this?  How did you get started?

I love hearing how people choose their work, especially when their work is their passion so I like this question!  I've been photographing weddings professionally for five and a half years now.  Before that I was a primary school teacher.  I absolutely loved teaching but with the imminent arrival of sprog number three I was finding the hours too demanding and I couldn't be the kind of teacher I wanted to be.

Photography had been a hobby for ages and I'd photographed a bunch of weddings for friends and friends of friends.  I'd also been involved in the wedding industry before, creating and running a portal directory site for brides back in 2000 (which we later sold).  Armed with that industry knowledge and a fledgling portfolio of work I booked a stand at the 2004 Wedding Expo and started booking paid gigs.  It quickly snowballed, by 2006 I had a fully booked wedding season and had gained my status as an NZIPP Qualified Wedding Photographer.

So now I have three beautiful children and out youngest has just started school.  I get my teaching fix four afternoons a week working as a teacher aide in my middle son's class and we take our family holidays in winter!



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