24th Feb 2010, 10:25pm

Ness called up all super excited to get me to come and look at a house on Saturday.  Now you need to know that Ness is a house person, you know how some people are so much a part of their home that you have trouble imagining them anywhere else?  Ness is like that, so her wanting to show me another house is a big deal.  And of course this other house is gorgeous...and I really can see her living there. 

And so there is the small matter of the gorgeous house she currently owns!

Luckily she knows a photographer hey?  So I spent a couple of hours taking some pics for the Harcourts site and hopefully they'll help do the bizzo :-)  Meanwhile if you are one of the bajillions of people who have admired this beautiful character home over the years you should get in quick!

Putting your house on the market is kind of weird isn't it?  I don't know about anyone else but it usually makes me not want to sell it!  Something about seeing it through other people's eyes makes it seem nicer...or it could just be the fact that it's suddenly tidy all the time :-)


21st Feb 2010, 9:04pm

I think I know when it started.  It was May 2008 and we were on holiday in the Bay of Islands.  We looked around for things to do and Caro and I thought the horse trek sounded like a bit of fun.  The boys went off to do a quad bike thing and we set off on horseback.  When we got back two hours later I had a very sore butt and she had a new obsession...horses!!

Fast forward to today when we watched Caro competing in her first ever ribbon day at the Equestrian Centre.  There were some tense moments...

But this is the face of a kid who has just won her first ever ribbon at her first ever ribbon day...

We could NEVER have contemplated this dream coming true without my fabulous in-laws who have come to watch every lesson (not to mention paying for them) and taught us what we didn't know (which was SO much it is still mind-boggling).  This is Grandma today giving Caro a few tips...

A fabulous day full of proud mummy moments :-)


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