Rainy days and Thursdays---

Crazy tropical rain today...what's with that?!  But mmmm...lovin' the smell of rain on hot concrete!

And it's always a good excuse to indulge one of my fav passtimes; hacking magazines to bits and pasting pics into my ideas diary.  No magazine escapes unscathed :-)

The coolest thing is to look back and see the evolution of ideas, how some part of an image that I clipped a year ago turns up in something I shoot almost like magic.  It's like feeding the visual brain I think...or maybe like planting seeds and seeing what grows from them.  And that'd have to be the only kind of gardening I do these days :-)

Meanwhile the kids gave the Playhouse Disney website a hammering...

This is our friend Finn keeping an eye on Caro, gotta love it when friends come to play and everyone gets on so well.  Yay for summer rain and excuses to indulge and friends to share it all with!



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