Kirsty and Corey's wedding

I love it when the groom has tears in his eyes.  I know that's a slightly odd thing to admit!  But I love it when there is so much love that it's leaking out people's eyes...the guys especially y'know?  We have this crazy stiff upper lip culture where we have this thing about not showing our feelings and it's just so wrong (or is that just my excuse for tearing up behind my camera?!).  So anyway, here's to leaky eyes and not giving a rat's and being so in love you can't help but show it.  Here's to Kirsty and Corey!

And while we're on the subject of my favourite wedding things (ooo, that could be a regular blog feature couldn't it?)  Check out Kirsty and the girls with their parasols...

Congrats guys, it was a beautiful wedding and we loved being part of it!

 A couple more of my favs...


Jennifer JC
9:29am 21st January 2010

Oooo Nicola, those are GORGEOUS!!! I love their parasols!! But I especially love the 3rd one down, she looks stunning!!

Kathryn Wilson
10:26pm 23rd January 2010

I love the parasol shot too - and I totally tear up behind the camera!!

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