I'm baaaack!

It's so nice to be home, I feel like I was away for so long because so much happened.  I was surprised to walk in and see the Christmas tree still up, as if a month should have gone by or something!  I've been keeping my facebook updated but not so much my blog so maybe you don't know I was in Christchurch for a couple of days to attend a workshop. 

The workshop was with international photographer Jasmine Star...I hate to be the starry eyed (excuse the pun) fan girl but I have followed Jasmine's blog for ages and I love the way she uses it to connect with people; clients, other photographers and of course future clients.  Her images are always fabulous, clear, sharp and the colour is so luscious, but more than anything what sets her apart is the way she connects. 

So when I heard she was coming to NZ for a workshop I jumped in, I think I was like the first person to sign up.  And it was expensive.  This was back in August and I had just paid out for the NZIPP conference and Iris awards entries etc etc and it was hard to part with more money I have to say!  So I second guessed myself and hoped I'd made the right decision.  Even on the morning of the workshop I woke up and went 'Oh goody!' quickly followed by 'Oh I hope it's good!'

But it totally was!  I think for me the judgement about the value of something has to be made after some period of time.  Like you walk out of a movie and you can't tell straight away if it was Good?  You know it was fun (or whatever) but it's not until you find yourself still thinking about the characters three days later that you know it was Good, really Good.

When I got back to my room last night I couldn't sleep, I didn't even want to sleep, I wanted to think and write and brainstorm...I was inspired.  But better than just inspired, I am inspired with direction.  And that is Good.

So HUGE thanks to Jasmine and JD for coming all this way...the ultimate win win.  And to Fiona Andersen for sending her email to Jasmine to start it all off. 

This is Jasmine demonstrating how she works with clients...totally hands on, showing what she wants.  We were shooting at The Arts Centre which is just one of a bajillion gorgeous buildings and now I want to move to Christchurch!  I do love the Tron but the buildings are not very pretty :-)

I'll post a couple more pics from the shoot later on, they look so cool on the back of the camera I'm hoping they look as good when I get them into Photoshop!




fiona andersen
9:04pm 6th January 2010

Ohhh Nicola the shots are great and DITTO in regards to the lying awake inspired feeling. I am shattered today but bring on 2010. I love the images you capture, just stunning

Kathryn Wilson
9:12pm 7th January 2010

I have been constantly buzzing with inspiration ever since! Great photo of Jasmine doing her thang :)

Jennifer JC
10:16pm 10th January 2010

I SO wanted to go to the workshop, but it was out of my price range unfortunately. But looks like it was heaps of fun, and the photos look great in the post above this :D

Brad Bannan
7:57pm 12th January 2010

Cool pics Nicola, thats me with Jasmine star!This has been one of the best shoots I've been in

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