28th Jan 2010, 8:27pm

Ok, who doesn't love Zoolander?  It's a modern classic right?  Not to mention a total gift to wedding photographers everywhere!  For years I've been getting the guys to "Gimme ya best Blue Steel!" and for years I've been threatening to put them on the blog.  

Well today is the day...behold a selection of my favs from the past couple of seasons...

As you can see, not everyone has studied the movie in great detail but the results are always good for a laugh!

BTW, I'm putting this up on Facebook too so feel free to go tag these handsome gentlemen :-)


27th Jan 2010, 10:01pm

I had this brilliant plan to add a FAQ page to the website.  So the web guys made me a page and said "there you go...add content".  Hmm, this is the point where I realise it wasn't THAT brilliant a plan :-)

Well rather than try to answer every question that has ever been asked I am going to start with one.  For no other reason than I was asked tonight so it's up there in my mind (you know, not buried under the random thoughts about dishes, washing, albums, supplier pics, replying to that week old email...anyway, I digress). 

So Sharleen (incidentally my 200th Facebook fan..yay!) asked what camera do I use...

I have 2 Nikon D700s and a D300 (and assorted 'backups' ie older ones that don't see a lot of action). I freakin LOVE the D700, it has amazing dynamic range (ability to record light and dark simultaneously) and it's low light performance totally rocks. I used to shoot with the D300 and Rach had the D700, now I have one too and I'm in luuurve :-)  BTW, how nice am I to give my second shooter the best camera?  I think I deserve some extra brownie points for that.

And while these cameras are pretty amazing pieces of technology they are only part of the story.  The lenses are pretty important too, my fav on the D300 is the 17-55 because I love wide angles.  I'm currently looking for a wide angle option for the D700.  My current fav on the D700 is the trusty 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 (Rach and I fight over who gets which one each week).  Oh actually, I also love my now ancient 80-200 (aka the BIG zoom)...perfect for getting intimate images without being in-your-face.

Ok, to be completely honest the most important question to ask about cameras is not about the cameras per se but about backups.  And I am a bit anal on this one (and I don't think it's a bad thing).  I want to know that as soon as something goes wrong with my camera or lens (and puh-leeze, it is definitely 'when' not 'if') I have a backup plan in place.  Usually within arms reach.  And you, the bride or groom will never know because we'll go to plan B without skipping a beat. 

So for all my waxing lyrical about which lens I love more the most important question is really  'How many backups do you have?'  And the short answer is that at any given wedding we have 4-5 camera bodies with us and usually around 6 lenses.  Do we ever need them?  Yup.  Have we ever needed all of them?  Nope, and I hope it stays that way!

Gotta have a pic...this is Rach working it as I got the settings right before Julie and Gareth arrived at the train tracks.  In case anyone is interested that is the D700 with the 50mm 1.8 on there.  And it was shot with the other D700 and the 80-200 2.8.

Anyone wanna inspire me to write my dreaded FAQ page?  What burning questions shall I include?  Or shall I just rabbit on about how much I love my camera some more?


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