28th Nov 2009, 9:47pm

I feel like I had been looking forward to this wedding for so long (not as long as Bailey and Justin of course!), Kawhia is such a cool place from a photography point of view...cute old buildings, beautiful colours...just MMmmmm! 

Bailey and Justin had planned to be married under the sacred tree but sadly the weather didn't oblige.  In the end though, it totally doesn't matter; two people were married surrounded by their family and friends and it was good!

So then we headed off looking for sheltered spots for our photos.  We found a few and we found some very un-sheltered ones too...Bailey and Justin (and their bridal party too) were great sports and willing to try pretty much anything.  And we were really lucky to be able to still use most of the locations we had scoped out so despite the weather we have heaps of great photos.

Check out the gallery now up on Facebook.

Congratulations Bailey, Justin and Jesse, you're a beautiful family!


22nd Nov 2009, 9:37pm

Today we had the honour of photogrpahing Marc and Aki's long awaited wedding at Mellow Manor.  Aki is the first bride who has ever told me that her dream wedding day included a bouncy castle!

Congratulations Marc and Aki, all the best!

We also had a special guest shooter with us today, Colleen Kiddie came over from Tauranga to hang out.  Thanks Colleen, it was great to have you along.


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