Playing at the park

I thought I'd blog this for a laugh...I took Sam off to the park the other day to have a play with my new flash cord.  It basically extends the flash so I can take it off camera and have a bit more control over where it points and more importantly where it casts a shadow. 

So off we went, Sam with my old D70 and me with my D700 etc etc.  I felt a bit conspicuous at the park, kinda 'overdressed' if you know what I mean!  Perhaps I should get a point and shoot :-)

Anyway, it was a good practice session, and thanks to my smallest assistant!



Jennifer JC
8:48am 17th September 2009

Hehe, Ive oftened wondered if it would just be easier to get a point and shoot. Then I kick myself each time... its worth the hassle of lugging around the big meaty cameras, the quality is too sexy to give up!!

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