A Day in the Life of Rach's family

This is a project we have been working on for ages...it started with a random conversation over coffee about how cool it would be to record the little rituals and events that make up our lives.  Knowing how fast the kids grow and change we talked about capturing a little slice of the way things are right now.  And so we made it happen.  Here is the beginning of a little slice of life with Dave, Rach and Ben.

Starting with snuggles in the big bed...

Followed by 'How many pancakes can you get in your mouth at once' AKA breakfast and some serious train track building...

Then we headed to Claudelands Park and finished up at Starbucks before naptime.  Ben is a total SB pro, he made pretty short work of his fluffy!  Check out the froth moustache :-)

Thanks guys!



8:00pm 4th August 2009

Loves it :-) Thanks Nic (and Sam for tagging along and being so patient)

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