The Fantastic Fletts!

About ten months ago I was making a list (as I do, I'm the official 'List Queen') of things I would like to do round the house.  Apart from replacing our awful stove and a few boring jobs that will never get done, I worte 'get Karyn Flett to photograph the kids...make canvasses'.  And then I kind of got busy and forgot about it. 

Then more recently I was chatting with Karyn about goodness knows what and out of the blue she says "Hey, would you photograph my family if I photograph yours?"  Ummm, let me think..YES!!! 

So I get to tick something off my list (without having to tackle those boring jobs!) and today I got to meet Karyn's lovely family and photograph them.  Seriously, how could they NOT be lovely? 

And because I know Karyn is sitting there with her finger on the F5 button I will stop waffling and get on with it...a sneaky peak with more to come OK?

And how symbolic is this?  I couldn't resist the shot :-)

OK, back to frantically editing...more to come I promise!



4:46pm 6th July 2009

Us Fletts
Oh wow look at us!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this for us, we will treasure them.

5:03pm 7th July 2009

Lol they all look fabulous ;) Good looking family Karyn! Great shot Nicola.
And those shoes so TRUE dedication!!! Hehehe.

9:46am 17th July 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoe shot! :) Great eye Nicola!

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