Ricky's gap

Wow!  I can't believe it's been two weeks since I blogged...that's terrible!  The trouble is I've had a couple of jobs I can't blog and so I've been busy but nothing to show for it blog-wise :-)

One of the exciting things that happened in our house was our middle son, Ricky loosing one of his front teeth.  I have such a thing about photographing kids with gaps...it's so symbolic of the transition they make as little kids becoming big kids.  A double gap is the ideal of course but one gap is good too.  So I grabbed the camera to get a shot quickly before the new one grows in!

How cute is he?

And how different is he going to look with big teeth? *sigh*




4:47pm 4th July 2009

Awww look at that cute little gap. It just all goes by so fast.

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