Kimberley and Steve's gorgeous baby photos

Meet the newest addition to the family...

Regular blog stalkers will remember Kimberley and Steve from their preggy pics back in March...and here he is, his name is Ben and he's such a cruiser.  And he smells all lovely like a baby and he's so cuddly.  Mmm baby (OK, stopping now!)

He's also really alert and totally checking out the world around him.  Speaking of checking out...

Ben's big sister Ally had to pull my chair over so she could peek in at her baby brother.  Too cute!  Ally is so great to photograph, she is beautiful (of course) but more than that she is completely comfortable in front of the camera and she has this gorgeous 1000 watt smile.  This isn't even the best example but I just love the toes (yes I have a small toe thing going too!)

And of course we had to get a couple of pics of Kimberley and Steve...I can't even explain properly why I like this one, I just do.  Kimberley and Steve are heaps of fun to photograph and this one just makes me smile.

Even Steve was getting into the posing this time...egged on by Kimberley :-)

Kimberley and Steve are moving to the South Island next week (which is just rude really) but they promise they're coming back for Ben's first birthday pics!  Yay, can't wait!





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