29th May 2009, 2:28pm

I have been meaning to photograph an album for so long but I never quite get around to it before they get picked up (people seem to get here pretty quickly once they know it's here!).  Charlotte and Iain live out of town and couldn't get here as quickly so I seized the opportunity!

It's still hard to tell from pictures just how gorgeous these Queensberry feature albums are but it's a start!  We still get really excited when the courier van pulls up with a big box...like kids on Christmas morning, seriously!  So inside the boring packaging is the Queensberry box...

I even love their boxes (but I'm a stationery geek from way back).

Then you get to the bit about how to care for your album (just give it lots of love and you'll be pretty safe) and we put a pair of cotton gloves in here too...not that you need them but it makes people respect your album more if you hand them gloves before they view it!

and I love the velvet bag with the ribbons...


Love the cover...

and the pages...I can't help myself I just wanna stroke them :-)  Rach is PHSL at me but it's true!  It's a tactile thing!

(sorry, not sure why that one is little)

And then there is the 7 inch copy album...a copy album is an exact replica of the big one but scaled down.  They're great for parents or to have in your handbag so you can show off anywhere, anytime :-)

So there you have it...all my secret fetishes exposed and a good look at a gorgeous Queensberry feature album. 

All kidding aside I think what makes these albums special is all the love that goes into them.  We designed this with Charlotte and Iain and it was handmade especially for them, in New Zealand, by Queensberry's artisans.  And the end result of this is something made with love to commemorate their love that they will continue to love and treasure for generations. That's a lotta love!

Thanks Charlotte and Iain for sharing your album with the world!





26th May 2009, 4:49pm

Check out some more of Tanya and Matt's pics here or on here on Facebook



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