Charlotte and Iain get married at Gail's of Tamahere

Photographing a wedding has to be a pretty good way to spend Valentine's Day...and Charlotte and Iain's wedding was just gorgeous.  Kerril Cooper was their celebrant and she always does such a lovely job of making the ceremony so personal. 

Charlotte and Iain are such a sweet and fun couple and their bridal party were just as much one point we had trouble stopping laughing long enough to hold the cameras steady.  Iain moved his entire life to Dargaville to be with Charlotte, in their 'real lives' they are farmers so I went looking for the more rustic places for photos. 

Charlotte has to be the most glamorous farmer I've ever seen though...

Are you loving the looks at Gails?  There are beautiful gardens too of course but you know I can't resist a bit of grunge!

Congratulations Charlotte and Iain and Happy Valentine's Day!



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