Bob Tulloch seminar in Tauranga

Rach and i spent the day in Tauranga at a seminar with Bob Tulloch.  Bob is one of the legends of the NZIPP with so many awards to his name nobody can remember them all!  He's been shooting weddings since Adam was a boy and he reackons he has shot over 1000.  These days he does mostly portraits and commercial work (including some beautiful aerial landscapes).  You might have seen his gallery in the main street at the Mount.

Bob demonstrating family group posing (check out the family of photographers in the background)

The seminar was sponsored by Queensberry (makers of the albums we love) and we heard from Danny, their lead software development geek all about the new LabFTP software which promises to make print ordering way easier and more streamlined for us.

I have to confess to enjoying new software about as much as root canal work (I just like things how I like them and that doesn't include updates!) but I am actually reasonably excited about this :-)

It was cool to catch up with some of the local NZIPPers and fill my brain with new ideas and tweaks to old ideas.

AND tomorrow morning we're off to Auckland to shoot a gorgeous wedding (I can tell already) at Cassels (I do love a new venue).



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