More cool stuff from the wedding of Matt and Jess---

OK, I promised I had more to blog from Matt and Jess's wedding...

In June last year when we were setting our pricing for the season that we are now in the middle of we were really excited to add a new 'extra' for couples in the form of the 'Polaroid Guest Book'.  Unfortunately before we had even got to shoot one of them the Polaroid company closed its doors and so production of polaroid film stopped.  It's now nigh on impossible to get hold of and certainly very difficult to guarantee the quality of what stocks can be found.

What to do?  The Polaroid Guest Book was such a cool idea and lots of our couples wanted one!

Behold the solution...

The 'white board message guest book' (10 bonus points if you can think up a better name for it!)

Faces obscured to protect the 'innocent' (and seriously, it's just that these people didn't know they would end up on my blog so it seems only fair).

Unlike a photobooth (which we considered) it takes up no extra room at your reception and because the photographer actively seeks out guests to write a message you're way less likely to miss people because they were avoiding the camera!  We had a heap of fun collecting comments, wishes, advice etc from Matt and Jess's guests and they get the B&W prints straight away to put into a scrapbook style album as a keepsake. 

We're still working out the finer details of exactly how we bundle it for next season's pricelist; whether we include the album/scrapbook etc but at the moment we're just excited to have a replacement for our 'Polaroid' people!



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