Kids studio portrait session

A full-on studio session today!  My dear friend Katy brought her friend Piper along for some fun in the studio so we had two gorgeous divas to photograph.

Rach snapped this one of us getting into the tea party...

And here are the girls doing their thang...

(How cute is that table and chairs?!)


And then we spent some time with Jacob and his Mum.  I love photographing Mums and babies, it's such hard work being a mum (especially for the first time) but the payoff is the lovely close bond that you have.  And so I think it's really important to have images that celebrate that!



Just hanging out in a you do.




9:36pm 17th September 2008

what a cute fulla! that must be my nephew!!

8:29am 18th September 2008

They so cute :-) Yay. Can't wait to see more :-)

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