I have meaning to blog about Cats since last Saturday when I went to opening night.  It was SO cool! 

When I was 14 my Grandad took my family to London to see the West End version of Cats and it was an amazing experience.  So when I heard that it was going to be on in lil ol' Hamilton I was very excited.  I was even more excited when Rach (yes, my talented office admin, Rach) got a part!  So I bought my tickets on like, the first day they were on sale.

Check out the slideshow of images by Donna Paget (for the Waikato Times) here.

Anyway, I don't know if there are any tickets left but if you can get one, you should.  The show is awesome (and Rach is the slightly shorter of the twin cats)!


3:27pm 8th September 2008

Aaawwww! You so cool! Thanks :-)

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