More news from the NZIPP conference

Did you see Campbell Live last night?  Check it out here and 10 points if you can spot my print in amoungst all the others! 

It's so good to be home, my head is spinning with new ideas and things I want to try.  I'm absolutely exhausted but have had the best week. 

As I said before the print judging takes three days and is really full-on.  Each pic is judged by a panel of five judges who enter their score between 0 and 100.  60 and above is considered professional standard, 70 to 79 scores bronze, 80-89 scores silver and 90-100 scores gold.  It is extremely tough, last year only one gold was awarded in the wedding category, this year there were three...and in case you think that means the standard isn't very high let me assure you that the opposite is true!  When you see the number of very beautiful, emotional images that don't even score bronze you realise just how high the bar really is.

I was very excited to get four bronzes this year, three of them in the wedding category and one in 'People'.

The Waikato/BOP region did really well AND a local Tauranga photographer, Sarah Beaufoy won Wedding Photographer of the Year 2008 (she got 2 of the 3 golds in this category).  Go Sarah!



8:05am 27th August 2008

I saw it! I saw it! How cool. Congrats on some great results.

9:35am 27th August 2008

Congratulations Nicola on the bronze's, definetely deserved:)

8:46pm 27th August 2008

Yay! Congratulations Nic. Awesome!

12:57pm 28th August 2008

You my hero! :-) Congratulations - i think you should have got gold though!

7:23pm 31st August 2008

Was sitting in Queenstowns darline with v important people- saw Campbell live and screamed OMG- that's Nic's F and all da letters, that's Nic's. I, at least was v excited!

I was so proud.

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