Chinese meal at school

My daughter's class are learning about China at the moment and my dear friend Karen recruited me to help prepare and serve the lunch for the kids.  I outdid myself by making a really simple chicken soup while she and our friend Sarena created this amazing spread of different chinese food (all made from scratch...I told them you can buy jars of that stuff but they wanted it to be authentic!)

Anyway, the kids had a ball and were great posers, I'd love to post more pics but I don't have any permission slips :-(  But I promise I'll send you guys the disc on Monday!

Chopsticks practice time

My soup :-)

The teachers having a quick chopstick lesson

Master Shi Fu

Soup anyone?

And a crowd the lanterns



Karen McNally
2:30pm 15th August 2008

WOW! - the photos look really cool Nic. Thank you for taking them ! We had so much fun.

Jarrrod & Liam & Sean & Shea
2:35pm 15th August 2008

Thank you for taking thoes photos. They are very cool! The food was delicious and yummy. I liked the rice says Sean. I had a little chunder in the toilets in the end said Shea.

Brooke, Elijah, Rhys, Kitia
2:37pm 15th August 2008

Thank you for taking the pictures and putting them on your site. The soup was tasty.

Bridget, Tayla, Christa, Kelsey, Jakob
2:39pm 15th August 2008

Thank you for the photos. I enjoyed the soup. I like learning how to use chop sticks. I didn't know at first that they are easy to use.

Brogen, Caro, Erika
2:42pm 15th August 2008

I love you Mum - by Caro. xox. Thank you for taking the pictures. Thank you for making the yummy food.

Shania & Holly
2:43pm 15th August 2008

Great Photos. I love the one of me! Caro looks very funny.

Jessica, Ali, Locky, Olli, Patick, Mathew, Josh P
2:46pm 15th August 2008

Hi. Thank you for taking photos of our wonderful classroom. You rock! Nehow.

2:53pm 15th August 2008

You're all very welcome, it was fun!

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