28th Aug 2008, 8:55pm

Well I sat down to write and got somewhat distracted...don't ask about the convoluted path I took to end up here but the cakewrecks blog is the funniest, most bizarre thing I've seen in a long time.

Tell me it's not just me!


27th Aug 2008, 8:19pm

One of the cool things I did at conference was attend a master class with Jack Resnicki.  Jack is a commercial photographer based in New York and he is most famous for shooting kids...if you've seen a Toys R Us ad you've probably seen his work.  He spent an afternoon taking us through the variation in looks you can achieve with just one light and a bunch of reflectors.

You know how when you learn new stuff you have to go and do it yourself to really make it stick?  And the proof is whether you can then teach it someone else?  Well today I dusted off one of my neglected studio strobes and had a crack for myself.  And I had a go at teaching what I'd learned to Kelly and Rach (who obligingly modelled for us too).

I was actually really amazed, it's one thing to see someone else do it but it's pretty darn cool to actually reproduce the results for yourself.

So this is Rach lit by one softbox (she's right up next to it) and a black relflector on camera left.  Obviously I've added a bunch of stuff added later in PS (just because I could!) but I haven't monkeyed with the light at all.

And then we had a play with getting a daylight look.  This is still just one light but we took off the softbox and shone the light straight onto my projection screen (as a reflector) and used a scrim to 'damp down' hot spots on Sam's face.  Sam was sitting as close to the screen as he could and because the light source was so big (ie the whole screen) the light is very diffuse and natural looking (I think).

He doesn't exactly look sick does he?  I think someone pulled the wool this morning and wagged preschool to spend the day with Mum!


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